Guide To Buy The Best Honeywell Wireless Doorbells For Home

Your guests are always important to you, and you try to meet them while they arrive at your house. That is why doorbell is one of the essential units that should be installed in every home. Most of the homeowners look for compact, well-designed doorbells, and Honeywell is one of the reliable brands to offer doorbells of various designs. You will have wireless door chime of various models, and Honeywell Wireless Doorbells have presented almost all the features to make the product more advantageous to the users.

Things that you should know about the Best Honeywell Wireless Doorbells For Home

Honeywell’s products are available in various series

Series 3

The doorbells, included in this series, are very simple in look. However, they are also versatile in function and are much reliable to most of the users. Within few minutes, you can install the system. The sound volume ranges from 80 to about 84 db, and the wireless range is maximum 150m. You may get four to six tunes with this doorbell.  Other features, available with the system, are halo light alerts and mute and sleep mode.

Series 5

The products, in this series, are more stylish with a sleek and compact design. Nightlight mode is one of the unique features, added to this series. LED Strobe and Halo Light- these are included for the visual notification. There are six melodies, and the sound quality of every tune is really well. The battery life of these doorbells is also good. For almost any type of house, you can use this system.

Series 9

They are much flexible in design, and you can meet your visitor all the time. Just as other products, there are visual alerts. You can get options for customizing the tune of the doorbell.

You will find various types of models with Honeywell.


These are compact doorbells that have good operating range. Thus, you may take the system to any site. Whether you are in your garden or at home, you won’t miss your visitor.

Plug-in systems

These plug-in units are very easy to install. USB charging is one of the common features, found with these products. Charging the tabs or phones also becomes easy. You may not need a battery with this system.

There are several features with Honeywell Wireless Doorbells

No disturbance

As the volume is adjustable, it does not cause you disturbance. While you are busy, you can mute the system permanently or for three to twelve hours. While your baby is sleeping, you may choose this mode.

Good size and sound

The small-sized doorbells have an adjustable sound volume that may be maximum 90dB. While you are almost100m away, you can hear the sound. The digitally improved melodies are also the advanced features. It is now easy to upload your preferable melodies.

Easy installation of the system

Honeywell has made its doorbells easier to install.

Reviews: Best Honeywell Wireless Doorbells For Home

We have made reviews of the best quality Honeywell Wireless Doorbells.

1. Honeywell RDWL917AX2000/E Series 9 Doorbell

As one of the innovative doorbells from Honeywell, it has lots of features to meet the needs of users. You can choose any of the eight diverse tunes, including piano and soft alert. The best fact is that the tunes are downloadable. You can mount the system easily or take the portable unit to any place. The system offers the best quality sound, and the volume level is adjustable. The range covers maximum 450 ft. Use the timer to mute the system for a particular period or choose sleep mode, considering your needs. It is also easy to set the mute option permanently. There are seven custom LED halo colors, intended to give an alert.


  • Weather resistant button
  • Easy installation
  • Options for various tunes
  • Battery operated system
  • Compact in design


The light is not much bright to display everything in a lit room

2. Honeywell RPWL200A1008/A Door Chime

It is another white colored stylish looking doorbell. This cordless doorbell works with the battery that is already included in the package. The plastic structure has UV resistance ability, and thus, you may place it at any place, out of your room. There is a self-learning system with this doorbell, and the bell’s automatic mechanism removes all the interferences. Just as other Honeywell products, it has also LED alert. The guests will be able to make out that the indoor chime has received the signal. You may fit the system at any site of your house.


  • Simple features
  • Push button color retained for a longer time
  • Individual programming ability


  • Battery hanging issue

3. Honeywell RCWL330A1000/N Doorbell

To have an affordable wireless doorbell system, you may buy this product. However, you will get premium quality with this doorbell. It’s a medium size bell that you may use at any site of your home. The doorbell works smoothly with more than six push buttons. It is also easy to sync the motion detection system with this doorbell. You will have a better level of security with the installation of this unit. You have six tunes that you may choose as a chime. The volume is adjustable and there are 6 icons to give you alert.  While using more transmitters, the lights help you to find out one, which is turned on. You will be able to respond fast. You have to buy C battery to run the system.


  • Range of operation- 450 feet
  • Sleek look
  • Various options for tunes and volume
  • Needs only four batteries


  • Options of chimes should be better
  • Top of Form

4. Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Portable Door Chime

While going through wireless doorbell reviews, we have picked up another product of Honeywell. As it is wireless, it works with alkaline battery. The sound option is the major thing of a doorbell. Your guests can hear it after arriving at your house. There are three different tunes (like Westminster and St. Clements) that you can find with this doorbell. The distance up to which you can listen to the tunes is almost 250 feet. For the better convenience, the doorbell works with various door contacts and push buttons. You may use extenders while you have a large sized home. So, set up the system and start using it for your everyday needs.


  • Volume level- Always adjustable
  • Pre-programmed button
  • Battery included in the button
  • Portable system- Works on any area- Wall, patio and basement


  • Range of operation- Not much long

5. Honeywell P2-Portable Wireless Door Chime

While you are looking for the best Wi-Fi doorbell, you may rely on this portable one. With the plastic structure, the doorbell is 16.51 cm in height and 9.14 cm in width. It is able to function with almost four push buttons. There is also a flashlight indication system, and you have the option of choosing any of the four tunes. For a small house, it works best as the operating range is 150 feet. The wireless system needs a battery for its functioning.


  • Good sound level
  • Battery operated
  • Unique in design


  • Operating range is too short

6. Honeywell RDWL313A2000/E Series 3 Doorbell

Honeywell has offered another wireless doorbell kit that can be installed easily at any site. There is no need of any tool for setting it up. Just install it and the system is now ready for your use. You will get almost all the features that are usually found in any doorbell. The battery can work for almost two years. You can listen to more than one tune, included in the system. The tune quality is very high, and the highest level of sound is 84 db.


  • Wall mount and portable- Both options are available
  • Best quality plastic
  • No cable
  • Weather resistant
  • LED feedback system


  • In colder climates, battery cannot work

7. Honeywell RCWL105A1003/N Doorbell

Feel safer at your own home with the installation of this doorbell. This wireless system has three pleasing tunes. You just have to plug it into any of the outlets at your home, and there is no need for any battery. The operating range is almost 100 feet. Thus, while there is more than one room between the main door and the unit, you will still get the benefit. The light indicator system is good for those, who have issues with hearing issues. They can view the notification very easily.


  • Simple system
  • Lots of channels to transmit the signal
  • Good sound


  • Needs more chime options

We have selected the most popular Honeywell Wireless Doorbells that you can install at your house. You won’t need professional help for the installation of these systems. As there is no need for any battery, you will have no mess of cables. Moreover, the advanced features of the systems will help you to use the product in a better way. Honeywell is really a reputed doorbell manufacturer, which has gained the trust of lots of consumers, and you may also try out one of its products.

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